Statement Praises FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate’s Commitment to Reforming the National Flood Insurance Program

(Washington, DC) ‒ today released a statement following Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate’s testimony before the House Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity Subcommittee hearing on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP):

“ thanks FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate’s testimony and his strong commitment to reforming the National Flood Insurance Program.  He understands that the NFIP program plays a critical role in protecting our environment as well as saving property and human life.  However, it is in dire need of substantial reform and must be made financially solvent so that it will be an effective tool to protect taxpayers and the environment.  We look forward to working with Administrator Fugate and the Congress as it moves forward to strengthen the NFIP program.” is a national coalition made up of a diverse set of voices united to support environmentally-responsible, fiscally-sound approaches that promote public safety. The Coalition strongly opposes legislative proposals that encourage people to build homes in hurricane-prone, environmentally-sensitive areas by creating new programs that directly or indirectly subsidize their homeowner’s insurance.