Florida Nonprofits Speak to Federal Mitigation Legislation

TALLAHASSEE – Leaders from nonprofits statewide expressed their enthusiasm for legislation recently introduced by Congressman Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS).  The three bills HR 3026, HR 3027 and HR 3028 discuss housing legislation, pre-disaster hazard mitigation and first responders.


“We are pleased that our country’s elected officials have been working hard on Capitol Hill to better protect U.S. citizens including Floridians,” said Barney T. Bishop III, President and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida.  “Florida’s legislative session ended this year with forward progress to a long-term solution to our state’s property insurance crisis.  However, our organization understands the importance of home mitigation and applauds U.S. Rep. Thompson for working diligently to pass this important federal legislation.”


“Risk-based, private market insurance rates provide the single best support for mitigation. In the short term, however, we need to do something about the people who, largely as a result of misguided government policies, have ended up living in disaster-prone areas,” continued Eli Lehrer, Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow.  “As transition measures, approaches like these are surely better than continuing with hugely expensive policies that endanger lives and destroy the environment.”


“The implementation of a predisaster mitigation program will assist citizens and businesses nationwide including nonprofits such as United Way of Florida,” said Ted Granger, United Way of Florida President.  “By improving structures to withstand storms and other natural disasters, we canultimately help reduce insurance premiums and ensure that our scarce resources can continue to be devoted to improving our communities.”