WASHINGTON D.C. – – a coalition of taxpayer watchdogs, environmental groups, insurers, and housing organizations – today applauded the Senate Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development for spotlighting the need for resiliency and urged members to support a national mitigation strategy that would protect communities across the country.

In a statement, said, “In recent years, hurricanes, floods, and fires have disrupted the lives of millions of Americans. Today, no community is immune to the devastating effects of natural disasters — or the high cost of rebuilding after a storm. As a result, the government must make headway on a strategy that incentivizes mitigation efforts and discourages development in sensitive areas. The challenges of future conditions are not going away, and we must start taking action now to protect people, property and the environment.”

Resilience has gotten a boost with new White House measures released last week to strengthen the infrastructure of communities that are vulnerable to disasters. Several bills currently in the Congressional pipeline also aim to improve building codes, incentivize individual mitigation, and better coordinate disaster planning across communities. has previously recommended its own proposals to make national disaster policy more equipped for disasters. For more information on the coalition’s recommendations, please go to