Why Mitigation

Don’t turn natural disasters into financial disasters

Congress should help people living in hurricane-prone coastal areas to take pro-active loss mitigation steps to protect their property, not encourage further development of these high-risk, environmentally-sensitive locales by creating a new, taxpayer-funded program to subsidize their homeowners’ insurance.  The National Flood Insurance Program is already $18 billion in debt, but some in Congress want to make matters worse by adding wind coverage to the program.   Adding wind to the NFIP would unnecessarily burden all taxpayers by using their tax dollars to subsidize homeowners in catastrophe-prone, environmentally-sensitive areas.

“Those living further inland would end up subsidizing the costs of residents living on the coast.  And, in the end, all taxpayers would suffer.” — David Conrad, National Wildlife Federation (Victoria Advocate, October 30, 2007)

“Allowing the federal government to expand its involvement in a program already deep in debt would not only cost Americans tens of billions of dollars, but would do little to protect their safety or that of our precious environment.” – Eli Lehrer, Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute


Solution: Risk Mitigation Policies Work

Encouraging coastal residents to take steps to protect and strengthen their homes and businesses is the right way to go when it comes to natural catastrophe insurance legislation.

“It’s encouraging to see a more responsible approach to natural catastrophe legislation that encourages coastal residents to strengthen their homes, rather than expand already insolvent government programs that will ultimately victimize coastal residents and American taxpayers even further.” — Thomas Schatz, President of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

Representative Bennie Thompson’s (D-MS) recently-introduced Property Mitigation Assistance Act—similar to Senator Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) risk mitigation proposals—is an environmentally-responsible and fiscally-sound alternative to the Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act. Sen. Dodd and Rep.  Thompson’s bills serve to promote public safety without financially overwhelming the National Flood Insurance Program by providing tax credits and loans to homeowners and business owners who take efforts to reduce the risks and damage of severe storms, before disaster strikes.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Thompson introduces H.R. 6762 Homeowners Insurance and Mitigation Assistance Act of 2008.

Representative Thompson’s Homeowners Insurance and Mitigation Assistance Act of 2008.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Thompson introduces H.R. 6424 Homeowners Mitigation Legislation.

Representative Thompson’s Property Mitigation Assistance Act.
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Senator Dodd’s risk mitigation tax credit and loan program proposals
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