SmarterSafer Coalition Urges NDAA Investment in DOD Climate Resiliency

SmarterSafer Coalition Urges NDAA Investment in DOD Climate Resiliency

Washington, DC – December 10, 2021 — The SmarterSafer Coalition issued the following statement in response to provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that advance climate resiliency:

Extreme weather events are acting as catalysts for contemporary conflicts and should not be ignored as domestic and international security threats. As we begin to see the irreversible effects of climate change, climate resiliency is essential to maintain military readiness within the U.S. Department of the Defense (DOD). 

SmarterSafer supports efforts to require the use of funds to include weather-resistant infrastructure and to incorporate climate risk into the decision-making process. Climate adaptation and resiliency is the future of effective military strategy. Additionally, we support the consideration of other amendments that promote climate resiliency, adaptation, and mitigation. As the Senate begins to contemplate final action on NDAA, SmarterSafer urges you to uphold the climate resiliency measures carefully crafted with bipartisan support in the House of Representatives.”  

Thoughtful defense spending can and should simultaneously create and protect the environment and uphold U.S. national security, and Congress must continue to focus time and effort on these topics to promote a fiscally and environmentally conscious DOD.

The full letter to the Senate can be found here.

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