SmarterSafer Urges Stronger Action to Address Wildfire Smoke Impact on East Coast Air Quality

SmarterSafer Urges Stronger Action to Address Wildfire Smoke Impact on East Coast Air Quality

Washington, DC, June 15, 2023 – The SmarterSafer Coalition today released the following statement on the smoke from Canadian wildfires degrading air quality in communities on the East Coast:

“SmarterSafer expresses concern over the severe impact of smoke from rampant wildfires in
Canada, which has blanketed cities across the East Coast of the United States. These wildfires,
exacerbated by prolonged droughts and hot weather patterns resulting from climate change, are
a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the underlying causes of these disasters.

As wildfire seasons grow longer and blazes consume more acreage, the resulting smoke not
only threatens our environment but also poses immediate health hazards to communities all
across the country.

SmarterSafer calls for enhancing infrastructure resilience to withstand natural disasters like
wildfires. Building codes and standards should be updated to account for wildfire risks,
incorporating fire-resistant materials, defensible space requirements, and other measures that
enhance the resilience of structures. Additionally, infrastructure planning and investment should
consider the potential impact of wildfires, ensuring that critical facilities and transportation
systems are designed to withstand and recover from these events.

Moreover, to address the underlying cause of intensifying wildfire seasons, comprehensive
climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies are paramount. The SmarterSafer Coalition
firmly believes that a proactive and holistic approach is essential to safeguarding lives,
protecting property, and preserving the environment in the face of escalating wildfire risks. By
uniting policymakers, communities, and individuals, we can build a more resilient and
sustainable future that addresses the challenges posed by the climate crisis

About SmarterSafer is a national coalition made up of a diverse chorus of voices united in favor of environmentally responsible, fiscally sound approaches to natural catastrophe policy that promote public safety. SmarterSafer members include taxpayer advocates, environmental groups, insurance interests, housing organizations, and mitigation advocates.

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